• Bergen_CAP_Getting_Award

    Bergen, CAP Receives 2012 Energy Efficiency Award

  • hawkeye-attic

    Hawkeye Area Community ActionProgram

    One of its weatherization team member insulation a household attic.

  • laramie-va

    Community Action of Laramie County

    Volunteers from Warren Air Force Base installing gutters, building handrails,and refurnishing housing for homeless veterans.

  • rw-roof

    CAP of Ramsey and Washington Counties

    Journeyman Ken Roath and apprentice Ryan Orvis repairing the roof vent after the insulation work was completed.

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Individual and Service Development

Individual and Service Development


Corporation for Enterprise Development
The Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) promotes the desire and ability of middle and low income people everywhere to become savers, investors, homeowners, skilled workers and entrepreneurs. CFED believes it is possible and profitable – within a generation – to provide every American, including every child at birth, the opportunity and resources to pursue higher education, start a business, buy a home and save for the future. CFED programs depend on the needs of their local partners, include a policy component, and are designed to test innovative strategies for expanding economic opportunity for low to moderate income Americans by supporting their capacity to build their assets. Some projects include matched savings programs, asset-building strategies for kids, manufactured housing support, and technical assistance for non-profit organizations that work to support small-business entrepreneurs.

The National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders
www.nalcab.org - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders (NALCAB) represents, supports, and serves nonprofit community development and asset building organizations in the nation’s Latino communities. They include affordable housing developers, microlenders, economic development corporations and consumer counseling agencies. NALCAB members implement responsible, market-based strategies for creating jobs, develop neighborhood assets, and build family wealth. NALCAB’s mission is to build financial and real estate assets as well as human and technology resources in Latino families, communities and organizations. NALCAB provides technical assistance and training, provides targeted grant making support, highlights innovations in the field, develops the next generation of Latino leadership, convenes national and regional conferences, and advocates for policy changes nationally.

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