• Bergen_CAP_Getting_Award

    Bergen, CAP Receives 2012 Energy Efficiency Award

  • hawkeye-attic

    Hawkeye Area Community ActionProgram

    One of its weatherization team member insulation a household attic.

  • laramie-va

    Community Action of Laramie County

    Volunteers from Warren Air Force Base installing gutters, building handrails,and refurnishing housing for homeless veterans.

  • rw-roof

    CAP of Ramsey and Washington Counties

    Journeyman Ken Roath and apprentice Ryan Orvis repairing the roof vent after the insulation work was completed.

Home Resources Real Estate/Affordable Housing Funding Sources

Funding Sources



  • Assisted-Living Conversation Program (ALCP) (HUD-FHA)
  • Capital Fund (HUD-PIH)
  • Choice Neighborhoods Initiative (HUD-PIH)
  • Community Development Block Grant Program (HUD-CPD)
  • Community Facilities Direct and Guaranteed Loan Program (USDA-RD)
  • Community Facilities Grants (USDA-RD)
  • Congressional Grants (HUD-CPD)
  • Cooperative Units: Section 213 (HUD-FHA)
  • Demolition/Disposition Program (HUD-PIH)
  • Demonstration Program for Elderly Housing for Intergenerational Families (HUD-FHA)
  • Emergency Capital Repair Program (ECRP) (HUD-FHA)
  • Emergency Shelter Grant Program (HUD-CPD)
  • Farm Labor Housing Loans and Grants (USDA-RD)
  • Guaranteed Rental Housing (USDA-RD)
  • Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Program (Reverse Mortgages) (HUD-FHA)
  • HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HUD-CPD)
  • Homeownership Zone (HUD-CPD)
  • HOPE VI Main Street Grants (HUD-PIH)
  • HOPE VI Revitalization Grants (HUD-PIH)
  • HOPWA Program (HUD-CPD)
  • HOPWA Formula Grants Program
  • HOPWA National Technical Assistance Grants
  • Housing Application Packaging Grants (USDA-RD)
  • Housing Choice Vouchers (formerly Section 8) (HUD-PIH)
  • Housing Finance Agency Risk-Sharing Program: Section 542(c) (HUD-FHA)
  • Housing Preservation Grants (HPG) (USDA-RD)
  • Indian Community Development Block Grant (ICDBG) program (HUD-PIH)
  • Indian Home Loan Guarantee Program (Section 184) (HUD-PIH)
  • Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG) program (HUD-PIH)
  • Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration Program (LHRD) (HUD-OHHLHC)
  • Lead Outreach Program (LOR) (HUD-OHHLHC)
  • Lead-based Paint Hazard Control Program (LHC) (HUD-OHHLHC)
  • Loan Guarantees for Native Hawaiian Housing (Section 184A) (HUD-PIH)
  • Manufactured Home Parks: Section 207 (HUD-FHA)
  • Moderate Rehabilitation (Mod Rehab) (HUD-PIH)
  • Moving to Work Demonstration Project (MTW) (HUD-PIH)
  • National Farmworkers Housing Program (DOL-ETA)
  • Native Hawaiian Housing Block Grant (NHHBG) program (HUD-PIH)
  • Neighborhood Networks (HUD-PIH)
  • Neighborhood Stabilization Program (HUD-CPD)
  • Nursing Homes, Board and Care and Assisted-Living Facilities: Section 232/223(f) (HUD-FHA)
  • Operation Lead Elimination Action Program (LEAP) (HUD-OHHLHC)
  • Public Housing Operating Fund (HUD-PIH)
  • Purchase or Refinancing of Existing Multifamily Housing Projects: Section 207/223(f) (HUD-FHA)
  • Qualified Participating Entities Risk-Sharing Program: Section 542(b) (HUD-FHA)
  • Renewal Community/Empowerment Zone/Enterprise Community Initiative (RC/EZ/EC) (HUD-CPD)
  • Rental and Cooperative Housing: Section 221(d) (3) and (4) (HUD-FHA)
  • Rental Assistance Program (RA) (USDA-RD)
  • Rental Housing for the Elderly: Section 231 (HUD-FHA)
  • Rental Housing for Urban Renewal and Concentrated Development Areas: Section 220 (HUD-FHA)
  • Rental Housing: Section 207 (HUD-FHA)
  • Resident Opportunities and Self-Sufficiency (ROSS) (HUD-PIH)
  • Resident Opportunity and Self-Sufficiency (ROSS) Program  (HUD-PIH)
  • Rural Community Development Initiative (RCDI) (USDA-RD)
  • Rural Housing and Economic Development (RHED) Program  (HUD-PIH)
  • Rural Housing Guaranteed Loan (USDA-RD)
  • Rural Housing Site Loans (USDA-RD)    
  • Rural Rental Housing (USDA-RD)
  • Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly (HUD-FHA)
  • Section 502 Mutual Self-Help Loan Program (USDA-RD)
  • Section 502 Rural Housing Direct Loan (USDA-RD)
  • Section 502 Single Family Guaranteed Loan (USDA-RD)
  • Section 514/516 Farm Labor Housing Loan Program (USDA-RD)
  • Section 515 Rural Rental Housing Program for New Construction (USDA-RD)
  • Section 538 Guaranteed Rural Rental Housing (USDA-RD)
  • Section 811 Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities (HUD-FHA)
  • Self-Help Homeownership Opportunity Program (HUD-CPD)
  • Self-Help Technical Assistance Grants (USDA-RD)
  • Shelter Plus Care Program (S+C) (HUD-CPD)
  • Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Program (HUD-CPD)
  • Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Projects: Section 221(d)(3) and (4) (HUD-FHA)
  • Supplemental Loan Insurance for Multifamily Rental Housing: Section 241(a) (HUD-FHA)
  • Technical and Supervisory Assistance Grants (USDA-RD)
  • Technical and Supervisory Assistance Grants (USDA-RD)
  • Title VI Tribal Housing Activities Loan Guarantee Program (HUD-PIH)
  • Two-Year Operating Loss Loans: Section 223(d) (HUD-FHA)
  • Very Low Income Housing Repair Program (USDA-RD)

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