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This guide is intended for use by organizations that are considering providing small business technical assistance services. Small business technical assistance encompasses diverse topical areas that can serve a range of business sizes and needs. Business sizes include micro businesses, start-ups, and small business expansion. Services can include assistance in areas such as marketing, management, finance and strategic planning. This guide will help organizations understand the complexities of small business technical assistance programs and the commitments needed to operate a successful effort. This guide will also detail the degree of support needed by community resources, local government, and public and private sector partners, with respect to scope of services and organizational budgets.

Small Business Technical Assistance

Social Enterprise

A growing number of not-for-profit organizations are seeking opportunities to start or expand ventures that fulfill their mission and provide earned revenue. A social enterprise is an organization or venture that accomplishes these dual objectives. By selling mission-related products or services, social enterprises apply market-based strategies to build a more just, sustainable world.

Social Enterprise


Case Studies

Green Job Development Case Study, Green Hills, CAA - Eighty-seven point five million people use a clothing dryer to dry their cloths.

Rural Entrepreneurship and Job Creation-INSEC, CAA - The Instituto Socio-Economico Comunitario, Inc. (INSEC) was incorporated in Puerto Rico in 1985.

Rural Community Entrepreneurship and Job Creation-Little Dixie, CAA - The towns of Southeast Oklahoma are cities often missed by the hundreds of tourists bustling to Oklahoma City for the many sights, sounds and adventure it has to offer.

Business Development and Revolving Loan Fund-GROW South Dakota, CAP - Northeast South Dakota Community Action Program (NESDCAP) is a designated Community Action Agency in the state of South Dakota.

Rural Micro-enterprise and Business Development Case Study, People, Inc. - In Hayter's Gap, a rural valley in Washington County, Virginia, a school principal, a general store owner and his school teacher wife formed the Hayter's Gap Community Club to provide education, recreation, and day care for local residents.

Business Incubator, Micro-Enterprise Project-Washington Hancock, CAA - In the last fourteen years, eastern Maine has seen a significant increase in its residents receiving jobs and the establishment of small businesses, including farmers markets, chocolate makers, florists and many others.

Recycling and Refuse Social Enterprise-Westmoreland, CAA, Greensburg, PA - Westmoreland, Community Action Agency (WCA) is located in the county of Westmoreland Pennsylvania and operates in main office in the historic city of Greensburg.

What Is Community Economic Development?

real-estate-int-rightThis guide will help organizations understand the complexities of development and the commitment needed to proceed.

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lender-int-rightThis guide is intended for use by organizations that are considering providing financial education services.

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